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Our Favourite Landscaping Styles of Summer 2019

Your landscape is like a blank canvas where you can use your imagination and really get creative. Combining different elements of hardscapes and softscapes can transform the entire look of your outdoor space and how you utilize it. It can even help to increase the value of your home if you plan to sell in the future. To get some visionary points of reference to create your outdoor oasis, we’ve compiled out favourite landscaping styles of summer 2019 to offer some notes of inspiration.

Wildflower Garden

If you’re not a fan of the super manicured look, then a wildflower garden could be ideal for you. Unstructured garden beds mixed with perennials, grasses, shrubs and even vegetables, can make for a dazzling display. To tie in this slightly untamed aesthetic, you could also place some flowers in an old wheelbarrow or mix match potted plants to give your garden a rustic feel that embraces those little imperfections.

An Oasis For Adults

Backyards usually always focus on the kids. But why not carve out an area that’s just for the adults? Adult backyard hideaways or summer spaces for lounging with friends are more popular than ever today. You can do this by creating a focal area with interlocking stones around a fit pit, or a nook inside your gazebo with comfy seating, ample privacy from the neighbours and good lighting to make it extra cozy. It’s the best way to reward yourself at the end of each week when you just want to enjoy a little leisure with friends and make the most out of those warm summer nights.

Veggie & Fruit Garden

With more homeowners eager to grow their own produce, we’re seeing more segments of landscapes being transformed into miniature fruit and veggie patches. You can try growing them directly in the ground, in terra cotta pots, in wooden pallets or create garden boxes raised above the ground to protect them more from wildlife. Either way, it offers the best of both worlds by using a small segment for fruits and veggies while keeping the rest for lounging, playing, and entertaining.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens have gained some serious momentum over the last few years, and they show no signs of slowing down. What makes these so popular? They can be used in the tiniest of spaces. So if you have a limited garden space, this could a perfect way to add some unique splash of green to your outdoor oasis. You can use a fence, wall, or even a metal cage as your base to grow all sorts of plants, including vegetables like squash, cucumbers, herbs and tomatoes. This lets you truly maximize your outdoor area with something practical, unique and always intriguing to look at.


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