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The Best Native Plants for Your Wildflower Gardens

Plants can enhance just about any area of your property. Whether it’s on the windowsill inside, along the back patio, or throughout your landscape – they add vibrant colour, elegance and character to any space. If you’re looking to create a wild and lush garden in your home this year, here are a few great suggestions for the best native plants that will create a stunning display for your wildflower garden.

Fringed Yellow Loosestrife

Looking for some striking yellow colour to place in your garden? Well the Fringed Yellow Loosestrife is a great addition. This plant blooms in the summer time and prefers damp soil and shade to partial shade. If you have areas of your garden that are near a wetland or pond, these are great spots to place this.


If you’re looking to add some more height to your garden, the Foamflower is a beautiful plant that grows in clumps, reaching 6-12 inches high. It produces lots of white flowers during the spring, and has attractive light green foliage that will enhance any space once the blossoms fade. This requires full to part shade, and average soil and moisture.

Bottle Gentian

If you’re looking for a bold and vibrant plant to make your garden pop, consider adding in some Bottle Gentian. The flowers it produces are a spectacular, vibrant blue, and these plants generally spread quite easily. These gentians will bloom around late summer and prefer sun to part shade and damp areas.

Prairie Smoke

Aside from the great name, Prairie Smoke plants are elegant, vibrant and easy to grow. They produce attractive, small, bright pink sepals and cream-coloured petals. They are particularly unique due to the feathery fruit that they produce as well. The best part about these flowers is that they are also easy to grow and do well in dry and average conditions. So these are a great choice to add throughout your front or back garden, or even along the patio where there’s full sun.

Pearly Everlasting

If you’d like to attract more butterflies into your area then these Pearly Everlasting plants are a great addition to the garden. You can enjoy stunning yellow flowers surrounded by white bracts that produce nectar that butterflies love. These prefer sun to partial shade and average soil conditions. The white flowers also dry well to make stunning bouquets if you want to add some floral charm to your interior.

Nothing spruces up your interior or exterior quite like flowers. So add some elegance and character to your home by creating a stunning wildflower garden this year.


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