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Top 5 Indoor Plants for Apartments

Thinking of adding some greenery to your apartment but not sure if you’ll be able to actually keep plants alive? Well, don’t get discouraged. Even with limited light, space and experience, you can choose ones that will still thrive while helping you cultivate your green thumb. Plus, adding plants into your living space can provide so many benefits, such as filtering your air and keeping it fresh, boosting the oxygen level in your apartment and even helping to reduce allergy symptoms. Check out these top 5 indoor plants for apartments that are hardy and made for your space.

Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns are one of the most popular indoor plants since they look great and are super easy to care for. On top of that, they provide vibrant colour to any space with their eye-catching volume. These can look great absolutely anywhere, including your bathroom.


Succulents are extremely hardy and require little maintenance or watering since they originate from arid climates. There is such a wide variety of sizes and cool, interesting shapes to choose from, too. They make a great addition to a coffee table.


This is another popular choice for beginners in the plant world. They’re easy to maintain and grow, and even produce lots of baby shoots that can easily be replanted. They are a very tolerant plant and will look great hanging on your windowsill.

Aloe Vera

Imagine being bale to have some Aloe Vera on handy to help heal those sunburns. Well you can by adding this plant to your home. Aloe Vera plants are also a great option for those who can’t dedicate much time to plant care. Aside from this plant producing a very useful natural gel and healing agent, it looks stunning, and can thrive in small indoor spaces that receive lots of light.

English Ivy

English Ivy is classic, elegant and adds that perfect tough of greenery on top of a bookshelf, or any spot that it can dangle and grow. These are fairly easy to take care of and are fast growing, so be sure to give them a trim or place them somewhere that you can train the plant to grow on.

If you feel iffy about adding some plants throughout your place in fear that you'll likely kill them – don't fret! Pick up one of these top indoor plants for your apartment and you'll see how easy it is to keep them thriving with little effort at all.


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