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8 Dementia Prevention Strategies

Many people don’t know that certain types of dementia can be slowed and often reversed if caught soon enough. The more you understand about dementia and what prevention strategies you can use, the better your chances are of improving the outcome. By incorporating a healthy lifestyle and encouraging mental stimulation to exercise your mind and memory, you can reduce your risk drastically. To find out more about dementia prevention strategies, read on.

Regular Exercise Routine

Keeping your body healthy through regular exercise can greatly reduce your risk of dementia. A mix of cardio and strength training will help keep your blood circulation and brain in optimal condition. For those who aren’t very athletic, you should consider some low impact exercise like swimming or yoga to help keep you active.

Healthy Balanced Diet

To keep your brain healthy, you need to form healthy eating habits. Start juicing and drink your fruit and vegetables throughout the week. Getting a proper dose of vitamins and minerals has shown to kick dementia back by up to 75%. Also, add more vitamin K to your diet which has many beneficial anti-aging properties.

Challenge The Brain

Taking up crosswords, sudoku, and other problem-solving puzzles, can help strengthen your cognitive capacity and increase your mental stimulation. This will help keep you mentally sharp.

Reduce Stress

By limiting stress and finding ways to relax your body and mind, you can combat dementia. Copious amounts of stress not only impacts your mood and body, but it also takes a toll on your brain. Research has shown that stress can shrink an important memory area of your brain and impact nerve cell growth, which can lead to dementia.

Get Proper Sleep

You need to get a proper night’s rest to properly rejuvenate your brain and remove any of the damaging toxins and plaque that builds up and worsens dementia symptoms. Do what you can to get a sound night of rest each time.

Make Strong Connections

Social engagement with others can help strengthen your cognitive abilities and your memory patterns. If you can’t always get in front of friends and family, engage through social media, skype, and other communication software. It will help improve your brain’s ability to function properly while diminishing the risk of dementia.

Laugh More

Laughing stimulate new brain cell growth. So make more time to laugh at laugh. It’s not only good for your brain, but it’s also good for your soul.

Quit Smoking

Smokers nearly double their risk of getting dementia. If you’re still smoking, butt out as soon as you can to reduce your chances of developing the disease.


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