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Surviving The Stress of Downsizing To A Condo

If you’re like most long-term homeowners and have lived in your house for over a decade, it’s quite common to feel overwhelmed and stressed out when you’re trying to figure out how to trim the excess and move into a smaller space. Downsizing to a condo can be a wonderful change, but those initial stages of dejunking and saying goodbye to a lot of accumulated stuff over the years, can be tough. But we’re here to help! To survive the stress of downsizing to a condo, here are a few tips to help make that process as simple and as stress-free as possible for you.


There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that your 3-piece sofa won’t fit into your new living room or that your king-sized bed set takes up the entire master suite of your new place. So rule number one - before you organize what items will stay and what gets tossed, you need to measure first. Weeks before the move, get out your measuring tape and take specs of all your current furniture that you plan (or hope) to bring along with you. Then calculate the total sq. ft. and compare it to your floor plans to make sure there’s enough space left over. You should also make an appointment to visit the condo to take some measurements in person. Pay particular attention to the size of the doorframes as well since many condos have smaller entrances, which can impact whether or not your furniture will work with your new space.

Only Keep What You Use

When dejunking your stuff, try to be strict with yourself. It can be challenging, but anything that you haven’t touched or used in the past year should probably be sold, donated or tossed away. The only things that you should be keeping are the items that you use frequently and on a regular basis. Paying to have items stored away usually just ends up turning into a waste of money since the chances of using those items again becomes very unlikely.

Organize Like A Pro

Don’t just throw things into random boxes - make sure to organize everything to alleviate stress once you move in. That means packing up each room at a time, packing by category, carefully wrapping delicate items in bubble wrap and newspaper, and labelling the boxes as detailed as possible. This way, you will know where each box should be placed so you can easily start chipping away at the unpacking process and have it done and dusted in no time. This is an important part of the strategy for surviving the stress of downsizing to a condo during that initial, hectic move-in period.

Focus On The Positives

Remember, even though you may feel chaotic and overwhelmed now, once you get past the whole moving process and can settle in to enjoy your new condo, you’ll realize that it was well worth it. Moving into a condo has so many benefits! You can enjoy the convenience of the on-site amenities, along with 24-hour security, and minimal maintenance. That means no more roof repairs, mowing the lawn or shovelling the snow during the wintertime! So, when you’re knee-deep in those boxes and feel a little apprehensive during the moving process, just remember that it’s only temporary and soon you’ll be living a life of luxury with little to no maintenance required!

Choose The Right Condo

Of course, no two condos are equal. If you don’t want to worry about losing space, then you should choose a condo that won’t make you sacrifice it. You can find a variety of development properties that provide plenty of luxurious space without the confined, cookie-cutter designs, such as West Block in Glenora. In West Block, you’ll find a range of floor plans that are designed to suit a number of different tastes and styles, like their 1-bedroom suite with over 1,000 sq. ft, or their 2-bed plus dens at over 1600 sq. ft, or even their 3-bedroom penthouses at over 2,000 sq. ft.

These luxurious designs include modern features like floor-to-ceiling windows, elegant fixtures and finishes, and they offer residents a number of high-end amenities like a dog run, fitness center, and rooftop entertainment area. Choosing the right condo to suit your lifestyle and needs will make all the difference in allowing you to trump your fear and stress with anticipation and excitement instead.

Surviving the stress of downsizing to a condo is challenging for everyone, but it’s always well worth it in the end! So if you’ve been struggling with this process, just keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it and how much time and freedom you’ll have once you’re able to kick back and relax in your luxurious new condo.


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