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Why The World Is Switching to Hybrids and Electric Cars

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

With the environment being at the forefront of almost every major industry today, there’s no surprise that the world is switching to hybrids and electric cars. Drivers are more eager than ever to purchase vehicles that will help them save on fuel costs, while reducing their carbon emissions as well. But beyond that, these vehicles offer plenty of other benefits that drivers can take advantage of, like federal tax incentives and increased HOV lane access. Though the Toyota Prius is what we commonly associate with this emerging trend, today, there are many other vehicles that offer hybrid and electric technology. And with so many options at your fingertips, there’s never been a better or more exciting time to car shop! Read on to learn more about these technologies that are sweeping the industry.

Cleaner Energy Source

Electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, while plug-in hybrids, which still have a gasoline engine in addition to an electric motor, produce fewer tailpipe emissions. This means both technologies emit a considerably lower amount of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in comparison to traditional vehicles. And even though electricity has its negative draw backs, it’s still a much cleaner source of energy, contributing far less to global warming. In fact, if more drivers worldwide opted for this cleaner technology, it could save 1.5 million barrels of oil per day by 2035.

Reduces Air Pollution

The impacts of climate change and pollution are more tangible today than they have ever been. And air pollution, in particular, is one of the major environmental issues we’re facing around the world. This is a big reason why more drivers are opting for hybrids and electric vehicles. According to one UK study, air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health, and transport fumes are a key contributor to climate change. With approximately 17-30% lower emissions produced in comparison to diesel and petrol cars, these vehicles are helping to keep our air and earth cleaner.

Cheaper To Run

With little to no fuel required, hybrids and electric vehicles are much cheaper to operate. To give you an idea, on average, the electricity to charge an electric vehicle works out to be around a third as much per kilometre as buying gas for that same vehicle. So it’s a win-win scenario.

Easier To Maintain

Having an electric battery also makes your vehicle cheaper and easier to maintain. Since there’s no starter motors, exhaust systems, radiators or other expensive, conventional parts included, these vehicles require less maintenance and fewer expenses.

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